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American Grayman

Why can i not login to test grid????

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    i have been trying to login to the test grid for a long time now. trying all of any way, asking, searching , changing password, submiting a help ticket. yet it is impossible for me 




 and it is frustrating . .very frustrating. because no one seems to know and i cant afford to upload test after test .

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Don't forget to check your email (including the spam folder) too. I got a building alt onto the beta grid successfully a few weeks ago, but they asked a couple of questions before directing the case to the right person. If they've asked you something and you don't respond, they'll assume all is well and close the case.

If you want to upload mesh on the beta grid, you need to take the mesh test for Aditi as well via your Aditi account page. (Payment Info on File carries over from main to beta, although the Aditi account page won't reflect that.)


There are a couple of recent threads with more information too.

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