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I screwed up TOS acceptance, help please...

Julie Rascon
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I was logging on a long unused alt and needed to accept the TOS from last year. Being a multi-tasker, I was distracted momentarily and must have not accepted the TOS and now there is a big moon blocking my screen, rendering my avatar impossible to use. Anyone have a way to go back and accept the TOS? I can't find anything on this.

Please don't advise me to ask LL about it. Previous experience has shown me they do not care unless you are a premium member. I have been in SL for a very long time and have spent thousands of dollars (real money not Lindens) yet for whatever reason that does not count.


Thank you in advance.



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To my knowledge there is no way around this other than filing a support ticket.  In my experience LL is usually pretty good at resolving account issues like this.  It will probably just be a matter of resetting the account somehow.  You probably aren't the first person that's done this.  It's easy enought to do. :smileywink:

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Julie Rascon wrote:

... now there is a big moon blocking my screen, rendering my avatar impossible to use.

Wait. That's how the viewer behaves when ToS isn't accepted? I had no idea.

/me wanders off in search of ancient alts to test non-acceptance of ToS.

ETA: Not for me it doesn't. Are we sure this "big moon" isn't some ancient HUD gone haywire from bit-rot? Or... maybe I'm taking the "big moon" too literally?

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Hmm. When I tried not accepting the ToS, I simply couldn't login at all, and kept getting the option to do it until I clicked "Accept".

I wonder... if you click on the moon and scroll your mousewheel, does the whole UI shrink and expand? I'm trying to figure out if it's attached to your avatar or as a HUD, or what the heck it could be.

ETA. Or maybe it's a particle, but what could be emitting it? and anyway, why would it interfere with the ability to move around. This is going to turn out to be something silly, I just know it, but I'm at a loss to guess what that might be.

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Okay, hmmmm

I only assumed this was a TOS thing simply because it happened right after I thought I had accepted TOS.

But when i was detaching stuff the Firestorm bridge would not detach, and following your advice i clicked the moon and what do you know, it is called Firestorm bridge, somethin i have never has a problem with before. In edit i was able to shrink it down to very small.

I then logged in with an alternative viewer and was able to detach the bridge from there, went back to usual viewer Firestorm and whilst the bridge is still attached and will not detach, the moon seems gone.

I edited the UI and shrank it down and cannot find the offending moon.

So, I guess I am just stupid. But at least I'm pretty:)


Thanks so very much for everyone who took time with this silliness:)


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