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Friendly Roommates Wanted

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Heyas! I'm Gatsby, or Gats, I took a few months off from SL and am back now. I seem to be without people to talk to or hang out with and have purchased a small bit of land which I have plopped a house on (five bedrooms, two are taken as I found one roommate). I am looking for friends and roommates for a casual/laidback homelife sort of roleplaying where we play out meals, hanging out, going shopping, parties, going out to clubs, just sort of living life together as roomies and friends. Male or Female it doesn't matter to me at all. Some of the things I love are:

  • Marvel Comic Universe
  • Science Fiction
  • Total Whovian! (4th Doctor is my favourite)
  • Tea
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Shopping
  • Roleplaying (Serious or casual, I am not too terribly picky and tend to go with the flow)
  • Independent films
  • Tacos
  • Coffee
  • Netflix
  • DC (though not Batman and Superman, more Flash, Green Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow)
  • The Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones (Targaryen with a fondness for Starks)
  • I am Pagan
  • Harry Potter (Ravenclaw!)
  • Photography

Message me in world to chat or move in possibly (Rent Negotiable), EleanorsRigby Resident


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Hi im maddi! and i am interested in being your roomate so if you could im inworld (maddi0824) that would be great, i cant seem to fine you.

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