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Questions about setting up an Icecast/Shoutcast server for streaming live what you sing

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Hi. I am a musician, and wish to create a SHOUTCAST or ICECAST server on my PC, in order to stream what I play and sing to the others in an area. I have read on the wiki that a standard DSL connection can handle up to 5 Second Life listeners. A DSL connection has about 3 Mbps. My internet has over 90 Mbps upload speed in my area, and over 40 Mbps to an USA server. Could my connection handle the demands of streaming audio to Second Life, without the need of an intermediary ?


  I have watched a tutorial on Youtube on setting up an Icecast server. Setting up a Shoutcast server seems much more complicated than setting up an Icecast server. I also own a Steinberg UR22 mkII interface that has loopback function. Do I need to enable it ?



   As I have dynamic IP, could the streaming run well for a few hours, without disconnecting ? Also, is this the way to make this work for Second Life, without using the services of others ?

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RE: Loopback

Yes, according to the manual for your audio interface, you need to enable it for it to broadcast what you hear on your computer to the internet.

Loopback is a convenient function for broadcasting

over the Internet. It mixes the input audio signals

(such as microphone and guitar) with the audio

signals playing back in the software in the computer

into two channels in the UR22mkII, and sends them

back to the computer.

Read more on Page 7 -


There are streaming tests on the internet, but you'll have to google those. I know several sites like Twitch, Justin.TV, Ustream, etc all have tests to see if you can stream effectively. OpenBroadcaster and XSplit (which stream directly from your computer) also have tests and tweaks. See what you can find on this matter.

Most streaming services you mainly need to tell the software the 'device' you are using to broadcast, installation is not the hardest part, its making sure you have the proper devices.

Sorry I can't reply with more specifics on ICecast/shoutcast streaming, I just wanted to give you some info on the other issues.

Maybe some helpful resources:

Streaming Your Own Music Into Second Life



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Hi. I have found something


this VST plugin can stream from your VST host to Icecast. Sadly, it does not work on Cubase 64 bit because the plugin is x32 and the VST bridge is not very good.



I have tried using BUTT.

 Firstly, after you install Icecast, you write in start menu Icecast and click Run Icecast (console). It will open a console window, telling that the server is runing. You can only configure Icecast from a txt file, Icecast Config. From there you copy the infos to BUTT or shoutvst, if it really works.


  This guy explains how to configure BUTT


  Now, after I press the play button in BUTT, it says that the username and password is wrong, altough I copied the same one as in Icecast Config.txt. I guess I need to change the default password...and see...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2729 days.

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