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Resa Oberlander

Looking for Business Partner/friend/whatever else happens..

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I run a successful business in Second Life and am looking for a partner to counter my flaws and help me grow my brand and start enjoying SL again.

I am hoping to find someone practicle, mathimatically inclined, prefereably a scripter, and with a Dominant personality.

Personally, I have a tendency to be a flake and flitter around from project to project as my mind wanders.

I am full of creativity and beauty, but I lack the stable mind to use it the best way possible.

My business in SL has always been most successful when I have a partner. 

Please contact (Resa Oberlander) in world if you're interested.


Serious people only please. 

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Ok, so I was seriously checking this out because I thought maybe it would be something that I would be able to do, but since i to have a tendency to be a flake and flitter around from project to project as my mind wanders. I don't think I would be much help, If by chance you get two people for this and only need the one, give the other one my name.


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I'm very active on secondlife, and also have experience in design. I prefer tools / software such as adobe photoshop or illustrator, and also have a lot of experience with indesign. I've also designed multiple websites, utilizing content management systems such as Word Press, as well as more so "standalone" websites using custom PHP scripting.


I have experience with programming, although I've done little with linden scripting language (I believe thats what it's called?) although having experience with procedural and object orientated programming, I'd imagine it would be somewhat simple for me to pick up (depending on whats being done, of course...)


I am often able to stay easy on track, and also communicate with others I trust to have my contact information through mediums such as skype or text message.


I do have a premium membership, although I haven't upgraded my land tier... although I suppose that if we were to eventually become business partners, and the storefront is on mainland, we could deed it to a group and then my land tier that is currently not utilized could be used for land assigned to the group, decreasing overall land tier costs.


I must say I have limited experience with 3D modeling or mesh type objects... although what I do have is a lot of experience with real-world designs, including shirt designs often for promotional reasons that are later screen printed... as well as business card designs, brochure designs, logo designs, and so on.


I'm computer savvy and articulate... I like to consider myself to be bright (intelligent) and easy to get along with as well as being highly goal motivated.


I will make a point to contact you soon in SL... I am typing up a paper on one of my machines that has an ARM processor, so I'm not able to get on SL at the moment. I should be on soon, depending on when I finish up.


I hope that this isn't too much information too soon, but I've seen this thread on the forum for a little while now and I've only seen something like one reply, and figured I'd reply with the hopes you will see this relatively soon.


Take care.

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