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Looking for the perfect boyfriend (gay)

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Hey all!


I'm still hoping to find someone, and I'd love to chat!


I have a home we could hang out at to get to know each other, I'd love some decorating tips or help!!


A bit more about me...


I do have a home in SL, although at the present I just have a few couches in it... I don't have much in yet. I'm still decorating. It's a nice Japanese style home inside the Yosemite National Park sim.


I'm in the process of looking for some mainland land as I am looking to start a SL clothing line... so I'm looking to get a 512 square meter parcel that I can use as a little storefront, I'm hoping to build a small shop with novelty shirts with silly / shocking phrases. Similar to "Spencers Gifts"... and have a little photography studio upstairs to take pictures for the marketplace.


I like to hit up various clubs and events with my friends. I'm up for trying new things, and enjoy dancing with nice music... Events with real live music is always amazing! I also enjoy shopping, although I must admit I'm hard to please and take some time finding my next good outfit, hairstyle, and so on...


I am a premium member, I figured its a nice way to have the ability for mainland and the modest weekly stipend and support if needed. Not sure why it would matter, but... yeah.


I like making new friends. If anything, I am a bit too trusting, often quick to form friendships... it can be good or bad. It either works out amazing, although a few times its been upsetting as I've been lied to a and manipulated a few times in the past.


I read most of the group notices I get, and love to go to the events.


A bit about me in RL...


I'm a 24 year old college student. I am majoring in a computer science related course of studies. I'll be 25 in January.

I'm looking to transfer from the college I'm at over to university very soon.

I work from home, as a consultant / contractor... I'll assist with technology and technology related issues as well as marketing materials including logos, business cards, websites, and so on.

I'm about to start up a blog, I just cannot think of the name. I got a new VPS to set it up on, which I got for some personal projects.

I'm a fan of various platforms / operating systems... I have multiple machines and the operating system I run is based on the primary use of such computer. I'm looking forward to the new Mac OS X release... As far as Linux goes, I prefer Debian based distros like debian, ubuntu or mint... although I started out at something like nine years old with Redhat. I was also in the closed beta program for Windows Vista... which was an interesting program to participate in. I had to contact many people for an invitation.


I enjoy animals, and often wish it was possible to have a few exotic animals as pets.


I'm considering a dual major when I make my transition to the university, although I am undecided as of yet.


I'm an active volunteer working with special needs kids, which I very much so enjoy.



I hope that some may read this and decide to send me a message in SL, or a PM on here... I'd love to meet some new people.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1746 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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