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What are the command line switches / parameters for the viewer install files?

Mur Zimminy
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I'm not sure about what a console would be able to provide. Granted I am not familiar with using one either. :) As I understand it, it would show what is happening as the EXE triggers events. Would it show the processes that check to see if there is a switch in force on the command line?


I'm sure there HAS to documentation somewhere. I think that if you have the new viewer configured to auto-update, it is just launching the install process using a silent install switch (I saw it flash by in a command window).


I'll keep looking... Maybe I'll ask on twitter too.

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Close! These command line parameters are for running the viewer after it is installed. These are very helpful for specifying the experience after logging in. I need the options for installing the viewer in the first place.


Thanks Storm for responding!


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Again, my assumption is MS OS.

I'm sure there is a tool in MS that will allow you to have a console window open so you can see what is being executed as you download a viewer to a client machine.  You should be able to 'capture' the switches on the executables - use this data as a basis for your new scripts. 

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