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The Worst Spam I Have Seen-- Tramps [Handle Your Business]


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Hello SL, I have been bothered by a certain  spambots as much as you might have been.  

Here are two links below so you know I am not the only member 

1. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Daily-TP-spams-over-months-from-TRAMPS/td-p/3027055 

(Link from SL Community Forums)


(YouTube  Link)

What this is  basically you get a TP request to go to a strip club (Tramps), and this has ongoing for over a year.  I used to block the sender but each time its a new account. Today, I was able to track the source. This is being managed by mysmartbots, they are renting out 3 bots to this business and now claim no responsibilty for how or what it's used for according to the person who I spoke to whom was named Andy at the sim. I told him since he is from Whales, your product has impact when it harms others.  If I sold drugs to a minor in my country then if that minor died then I should be held responsible.  He said he takes no responsibilty so I leave it in your hands SL . 

I am just informing the SL community. 

Handle your business. 

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Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

First you are not allowed to name names here.  Remove them from your post as well as your links before you get in trouble.

Sending unsolicited spam is against the TOS,  Everyone that receives it should AR it each and every time they get it.  The more AR's the better and the more likely LL will act.

The first link is to a 4 page thread on this forum which names the offending business. So it would seem that the no naming forum rule doesn't always apply.

Reporting it might help, but Linden Lab must be aware already, someone there had to clean up 40,000 spam Jira entries, you would think that would get their attention.

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One day I was a bit flustered with a scripting problem I was tackling and I accidentally hit accept to one of those bot generated Sex Club TPs and I appeared in the adult club in the 12 year old avatar I was wearing at that time.

I recall a few naked ladies gyrating on poles and a scant number of males watching the show they were putting on.

Although I considered saying "Has anyone seen my Mommy" I walked up to the manager, and tugged on her sleeve, and then looking up at her with my biggest most innocent puppy-like eyes I asked her very politely to kindly to remove my name from their list because the club really wasn't a place that she should be teleporting 12 year old avatars into.

She was a really nice old lady, and I have not been bothered by them since.

I thanked her and appologised for troubling her and left. It was a good day, I also got the script working.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2211 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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