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The new fantasy avatars - pets can be detached.


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I tried out some of the new fantasy avatars - I found that I was able to detach the rat pet and use it on a different avatar, with a little editing. 

I also found, when I was trying to change the mesh clothing, that the basic avatar also comes with alphas layers - I suspect that you would have to change the alpha layers if you wanted to change the costumes.

I was wondering if anyone else had tried the new avatars, and if they have any recommendations for how to change the outfits..


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I haven't tried them yet, but if they are as described in https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Introducing-All-New-Fantasy-Starter-Avatars/ba-p/3061974  (These new avatars have normal "system" bodies with mesh wearables) I'm not surprised that the mesh clothing has some alpha layers.  The majority of the mesh clothing I get often comes with it's own alpha layers.  So changing clothing should just be a matter of removing the exisiting clothing item and its associated alpha layers, and then either wearing a new system clothing item or wearing a new mesh clothing item with it's own associated alpha layers. It should work the same as it does with standard system bodies. 

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Can't wait to get in and try some of these out. I can usually find something I can use from the non-mesh avs... a skin for an alt, some boots, eyes, an accessory (*please* don't let them be no-mod like a lot of the last set!) or even a hairstyle. I've got a male alt with very limited inventory who could use a few new toys.

I'd wear the outfits to get them copied from Library to the main inventory, then start picking them apart to see what will mix and what won't. There might be top and bottom alphas for some of the avs, or they might be one-piece outfits that can't be split. As ever, some stuff will combo or be useful alone, some of it probably won't.

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A quick overview of my thoughts on the female avatars.

I had trouble wearing the outfits from the Library with the Catznip viewer, so I switched to the LL viewer and used the Choose Avatar palette (I later realised Catznip has the exact same function, but it's not something I normally use). That copied the outfits up to my Clothing folder for further experimentation.

The female avatars are:
Illana (vampire)
Petrol Sue (post-apocalypse)
Leah (science fiction)
Morgan (witch)
Abigail (steampunk)

All the avs are default bodies with mesh clothing and accessories.

As is to be expected, the skins are Moderate in terms of intimate detail (nips but no bits!). They all have baked in hairbases making them a little less useful for mixing and matching. Generally they're nice enough; not super-detailed but simple, basic skins that I'd have been happy to use as a newbie until I got something better.

Shapes are shorter than the general run of Linden avatars. Proportions are OK-ish - not extreme but just feeling a little off to my eye. I've not made a detailed check but their wingspan seems a little short compared to their height. Looking at Abigail as an example, she's about 7.5 heads tall which is reasonable for a woman of that height. The shapes are all moddable.

Illana (vampire): 1.75m (just under 5' 9")
Petrol Sue (post-apocalypse) 1.73m (just over 5' 8")
Leah (science fiction) 1.7m (about 5' 7")
Abigail (steampunk) and Morgan (witch) are both 1.69m (5' 6 1/2")

The clothes and accessories have some mix & match potential. For the most part, individual items have their own alphas so they can be split up. Clothing appears to be rigged but not fitted, so they'll clip on a lot of shapes. Accessories like hair and boots are rigged, wands, pets & jewellery unrigged. Everything (but the shapes) is no-mod - you can't even resize the unrigged accessories. So that bites.

Detail varies over the different outfits. Some look rather plainly textured, others are higher in detail. I particularly like Petrol Sue's grungy desert boots and Leah's futuristic wedge-cut hair.

The avs are all lightweight in terms of render cost. Leah is the lowest at a svelte 9180, Petrol Sue the highest but still low at 18352. 

What would be better IMO:

More use of tattoo layers to split out detail like make-up, hairbases, scars & skin dirt. Almost everything (apart from blood on Illana's lips) is baked into the skins.

A little more detail on the skins wouldn't go amiss.

Moddable accessories. Even if it was just the ability to resize the non-rigged items.

The option to turn AO's on & off (but thanks LL for at least providing them).

I didn't do a detailed check of the AOs and how they look, how well the rigging stands up, or a detailed breakdown of the body proportions. I glanced over the male avatars and I'd say they broadly have the same pros & cons.

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I love all the pets! I put them on my head and shoulders wherever they could hang on. One of the drones is scripted to fly a certain heigh so I had to attach it to my leg. There was no space for the scorpion so it went on my shirt. I'm totally scared of large bugs crawling on my clothes so having it there gives me a little anxiety.

The outfits have a few mix and match possibilties. The shoes should work well with other clothes.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2222 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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