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Restricted Areas

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Note also that parcel-based restrictions for land access, whether allowing a group or allowing a list of individuals, will ONLY affect the area within 50 M of the terrain surface. Ban lines and parcel access restrictions have no effect at all at altitudes greater than 50 M above the terrain surface, unless you ban an individual explicitly by name, in which case the ban is still only effective to 512 Meters above the surface.

To protect against intrusion at higher altitudes, you need a scripted security device, commonly called a security orb, that can use the parcel's access list or its own list, and can ban and eject intruders after a brief warning and grace period.

If you have an entire sim, and if it is not connected edge to edge with any other sims, you can turn off "Public Access" in the Estate controls, and add a group and/or individuals to an access list, and only those people will be able to access that sim. This can not be done on the mainland, since Mainland residents can't use the Estate tools, and since those sims touch edge to edge with other sims that you don't control access to.

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Great! Thanks Irene. Lots of interesting numbers on that page so I'll bookmark it.

Come to think of it, the 200m i said previously was probably the z-number in the location bar - the height above sea level. That would explain it.

- Luc -

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