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Looking for a business or people to help manage games/products I develop

Sieben Ochs

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Do read this post in full if you wish to work together with me. Had a few people message and only go off the title itself. Serious inquiries will take the time to read everything.


Brief About Me And Work

I was working but ended up having to pause because of a brain tumor. I am now recently back to working in SL.

What I Am Seeking

I am looking for contributors to help me with games and many other products I will be making in a collaborative effort. Be it a currently running business that works with me, or a group of people I am able to get together to make games with.


Required Skill(s)  -  please have one or more of the below skills

  • Must be able to produce mesh items based on game requirements/needs.
  • Have a website where game activities etc can be posted to. And do all the management to that hosting.
  • Ability to write game manuals and other in-game materials.
  • Submitting items to the MarketPlace for sale, along with marketing and advertising for the products in-world.

Suggested Skill(s)

  • Be able to provide nice graphics for game elements and more. If not I can do this as well. 
  • Moderate to advanced understanding of a few languages so that discussions are easier. (PERL, PHP, as well as LSL)

Additional Requirement

  • A good grasp on English (even if it is not your main language).


Initial Work

The first game in a line of games to come, is a sim wide rezzing game which originally was labeled as 'City Coin Hunt'. Some reading this may have seen it running in Business Park or in a few small areas. I will only talk deeper on this game and other products to people wishing to genuinely work with me.

End Note

Please understand I am seeking contributors to my work, not people to hire. Rather people to work with. And if you are a business simply the same, not looking to be hired, only to work with you. You will be given exclusive right to my work while I maintain ownership of any work I do. I will sign contracts to ensure fairness on both sides.

For those interested please send me a notecard or a IM (only IM if I show online) to Sieben Ochs. And I will also demonstrate the current game to those serious about working together.


- Sieben "seven" Ochs

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2223 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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