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Interesting School Roleplay or a Bust?

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I’ve been debating about trying to start up a magical academy for quite some time now. This would be a crossover roleplay between Harry Potter and Charmed with hints of other fandoms. I would like to teaching magic in both styles of magic. The curriculum would be original and a combination of magic and normal studies. My goal would be to create a realistic school setting with a mix of fantasy.


List of Possible Magical Classes:


         Practical Magic

         Spell writing



         History of Magic

         Care of Magical Creatures


         Combat Magic



List of Possible Normal Classes:

         English: Writing/Literature  


         General Science

         Specialized Science: Astronomy, Botany, Biology, Chemistry, ect.

         Home Ec.

         Foreign Language: Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, ect.

         International Studies





I would like to have classes throughout the day including late SL time. SL is place of international people therefore a lot of kids can’t take classes because of time zone differences.


My question is before I go into making a curriculum and starting to invest in such a school I want to know if there would be an interest. That includes teachers, students and investors.

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If you can find teacher to run classes after midnight, I'm game. I'm not in the Americas, so it makes doing any inworld events very difficult.


I also have a big person who can help (an old alt I use for testing and sometimes teaching), provided that I'm BoE to focus on the kid avi.

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