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Teen: looking for family

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Name: Lily Aldridge

Age: 17

Occupation: full time student

Family requirements: I'm looking for a caring and loving rp family, I am an experienced role player and love all aspects of family role play. I would love if the family had a family friendly house and also some siblings but not completely necessary. I would like to have my own room (disclaimer I won't be able to pay rent so if you are looking for somebody to help pay for your rent unfortunately at the moment I can't agree to that until further notice). I'm all up for family drama and a realistic aspect of what family life is really like. This is optional but would love if the family lived in the family roleplay community but as long as they had a welcoming family home I'm completely happy with that

Characteristics : Lily is a bright, intelligent and friendly teenage girl experiencing All things about life. She will be attending school and will be a good student but with also rebel against her family and parents which would bring a fun adventure to the family of trying to keep her on the straight and narrow whilst also juggling the rest of the family. She's very caring, stylish and optimistic teenager but also loves to get involved and also sometimes start drama.

Type of role player: semi-paragraph to full paragraph, as long as it's not one word and realistic roleplay I'm happy.
Other requirements : I want a long term family not one that will sudden disband and go separate ways after a few weeks, so please don't contact me if you're not in it for the long haul

Other avatars: No

Time zone : GBT

Hours per week : a minimum of 6 but probably a lot more

Out of character notes: I'm not using this roleplay opportunity for trying to get lindens or a freebies. I love family roleplay and I would make a great addition to your family. As I said above I will not be able to afford rent so I completely understand if some people aren't interested.

Please drop me a notecard or IM me in-world if I don't reply on the forums (which hopefully I will) and I hope to hear from some of you guys :)

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