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HTC Vive support or tools that work?


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Hello dear SL Community

does someone know how to or already got the htc vive work in SL? Its seems there are some tools/injectors to make non vr games / oculus games playable with the vive and in vr. Like Revive, Vireio and VorpX.


I tried the ctrlaltstudio viewer with the revive injector but had no luck as it would always say it haven't found an oculus device. Vireio is just in such early build it wouldn't support sl yet or ever. And then there is VorpX and you have to pay for it. Thats why I am asking if somebody had some luck with the htc vive and if so how he/she got it to work. Don't want to spent money on a tool I could not use ;).


thanks in advance

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The only VR I've heard of that works with SL is Trinus VR. It is for Android devices and mostly focused on Google Cardboard. But, you might talk it into working.

I suggest you search this forum for HTC Vive aand look for the names of people that have a Vive. Send them an PM and see if they have found a solution and gotten theirs to work.

A video: 

In the video he selects the VR Device. Vivve is not in what is shown... but, may be something is close enough.

Whatever you find it would be nice if you came back and updated this thread.


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I finally got my HTC Vive working with the CtrlAltStudio Viewer. In the end it was a simple checkbox I haven't tried. It seems there is no real tutorial for the Vive so I try to explain what I've done.

As for this tutorial I use the newest versions from each program


- Get Revive from here: https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive | There is also an instruction how to install it. "Standalone Games" should work fine.

- Go to your Revive Injector folder an set both exe to "run as admin". Also the viewer launcher exe. (btw. that was the problem why it wasn't working)

- Start the CtrlAltStudio Launcher go to settings, graphics, displayoutput (hope its correct, I am using the german launcher) and set to Oculus. Close the viewer

- Now drag the launcher exe over ReviveInjector_x86.exe and it should load up. If there is no message saying "Oculus library could not initilized" every should be working now.

- Log into SL and press Ctrl+Alt+3. The viewer windows should go black and you are in VR mode in your headset.

- Have fun. :)




If it won't work you can try these solutions.

- Install the whole Rivive package instead of just the injector. https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive/releases/download/0.8.6/ReviveInstaller.exe

- Deactivate Theatre Mode in SteamVR -> Go to your steam library - > SteamVR and open properties -> General and uncheck both the overlay and theatre mode

- maybe try the revive patch as it seems steam support is new added in this version and may not work properly with every game/program. You can find it here: https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive/releases/download/0.8.6/RevivePatch.zip  Also go to your SteamVR properties and there under local files -> browse local files. Extract the archive there.

- remember to check if every exe is checked as "run as admin" the game exe too.

- try the 32bit and the 64bit exe from the injector.

- switch SteamVR Beta to normal SteamVR. Its also in the properties tab.


I don't know if someone can change the topic but would useful to change it to something like "HTC Vive Tutorial for CtrlAltStudio Viewer" or something like that. :)

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Which oculus runtime were you using? was it 1.5? or the latest 1.7?


Also, were you using the latest version of CTRLALTSTUDIO?


Actually, can you also include the Revive version you used as well?




I tried setting everyhing to run as administrator, but still, when i use ctrl+alt+3, nothing happens.

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Thanks! I got mine to work according to those settings. I did have to set the executable files to run as administrator to do it. This worked with the most recent version of Revive and CtrlAltStudio.

After playing around with it for a bit, I found a setup that seems good for checking out my avatar in a third person perspective with Vive roomscale VR. Here are the settings I used in Preferences -> Graphics -> Display Output

1. Oculus Rift -> Seated Operation

2. Mouse moves view horizontally only

3. Mouse moves view; Alt-mouse moves cursor

Before opening anything, set the headset on the floor inside your VR area. Wherever you want to center the position. Leave it there. Get the avatar you want to view in some sort of open space that won't complicate mouse-driven camera navigation. Go into VR mode with ctrl-alt-3. Use ctrl-mousewheel to exit first person perspective. Start trying to find places you can ctrl-alt-click that let you orbit the camera to a position under the approximate center between the avatar's feet, all the way at ground level. You may need to release ctrl a few times during the process or scroll with the mouse wheel to adjust camera distance to get it exactly where you want.

When you go put the headset on, you should be standing inside the avatar. Take a couple steps in any direction and turn to have a look. If you do it right, your feet should be at more or less ground level and you'll be able to have a look at the AV. It *really* gives you a sense of size and proportion in a way that's hard to grasp normally.

Thoughts: If you have a second computer, you could use the VR system to log in to a dummy AV you can use to get a VR perspective on a set location. Then you could use the second computer to position and adjust the avatar according to whatever workspace you set up in world. That way you only need to walk over to your VR area to check progress instead of constantly entering/exiting VR mode with that extremely complicated setup. Also, not sure I would recommend trying to flying camera around while actually wearing the headset. It's really unstable and made me a little nauseous even though I normally don't have any problems with that in VR.

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Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! Are you still able to make this work with the latest ReVive Oculus Home? I have everything up to date with NVidia GTX970 24gigs of ram and an i7 and so far no luck [haven't tried all your tricks yet] but wondering if you are still able to make this work. Thanks again for the tips and I look forward to meeting you in SL/OpenSim/Sansar!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2519 days.

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