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Looking to adopt our daughter

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A. Do you have your own home and a room available for your child? Yes

1. Names of people planning on adopting:
(List your full name and/or spouse) Satinkarose Resident Jeff Footpad

2. What sort of time commitment can you offer to the child?
(Based on SL time) Jeff footpad is usually on most of the day and Satinka is on as much as her rl job and obligations allow her to be..
I would say about a minimum of 3-6 hours a week MINIMUM

a. How often are you on SL? Both of us are usually on everyday at some point.
(Ex: every day, once a week, weekends, etc..)

3. What time zone are you in? Satinka EST Jeff CST

4. What is your primary language?

5. How long have you been active in the kid community? Satinka 7 years Jeff is just starting to learn.

6. Have you adopted before? Jeff No Satinka Yes

7. What is the current makeup of your family?
(Ex: mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents)

None atm
✧✧✧✧ What you are looking for ✧✧✧✧

8. What is the age range of the child you are looking to adopt:
(Ex: Infant, 1-3, 4-6, 7 and older, teen, adult)infant to say 6 years old

9. Are you looking for a little boy or a little girl? Prefer a girl but will accept a boy if the connection is there

10. If the child has an adult AV and/or family, would you want to be part of that aspect of their life?
That would be up to the child to include that aspect of their life.

11. Please list what qualities you are looking for in a child?
Fun to be around
Active at least 3-6 hours a week.


12. How important is roleplay to you?
(Ex: Tuck ins, mealtimes, etc... On a scale from 1-10, 10 being full RP ONLY)
4 I enjoy RP but it is not a requirement
13. Do you consider yourself a strict parent? Please explain.
(By this, we mean timeouts and such)
Time out discipline comes on a case by case basis. The punishment will fit the crime. Simple misbehaving would be met with a conversation about proper ways in behaving where as something like running with scissors would be met with a time out or possibly more
✧✧✧✧ Other Info ✧✧✧✧

14. How do you currently spend most of your SL time? Playing sl games cuddling talking sim surfing checking out destinations from the destinations guide and roleplay on various sims. Some are adult rated watching movies

15. What types of things do you look forward to doing with your child? If you currently have children list some of your favorite things to do with them:
Exploring sims that are child appropriate watching movies playing sl games maybe doing some of the SL Experiences depending on how appropriate they are.

16. Is this your main avatar? Jeff Yes Satinka Yes
17. Do you play any other avatars on a regular basis? Jeff no Satinka Yes she has 1 other avatar

a. If you do play other avatars will those avatars be in your childs life as well? Possibly but not likely she rps on a Gorean sim where kids really cant go

18. Do you play a kid avatar? If so will that avatar be a friend to your child or will that avatar be kept separate? Val used to but is no longer active

✧✧✧✧ Important Info ✧✧✧✧ Please answer the following:

✧ Are you looking to adopt a lot of children, about how many would you say?: no maybe one or two max
✧ Would you be willing to adopt:
-Siblings: Yes
-Twins: Yes
- Adult Avy:Possibly depending on is the connection is there
- Teen: Possibly

✧ Who is your best SL friend: Jeff Satinkarose Satinkarose:Jeff
✧ What is your favorite thing about SL:the variety of things to do.
✧ Do you Skype? Yes for both
✧ How important is fashion and style to you? Very or Not much?I would say above average

✧✧✧✧ Freestyle! ✧✧✧✧

This space is provided so you can tell a little about yourself. List anything you would like your potential child to know about you.
(Ex: How do you spend your time in SL? Do you like to shop? Do you like to hang out with friends/family?
We love to shop and attend fashion events such as uber and kustom9. we play games like skippo and life and other such type games. We movies our tv set. Grid wide games such as the interview and unia.  We are a very loving couple.  We have little to no drama between us and keep no secrects between us.  We enjoy doing many many lifes.  We Also use the life2 hud to make thigs seem more real.  Questions concerns??  Please IM one of use today

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