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Come set up your main store at Kuu Ipo!

Melanie774 Kidd

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Several parcels are now available on Kuu Ipo!

This is a great opportunity to set your main store up at a location that features beautiful landscaping, lots of fun details for visitors to take in and explore, and a great set of creative and talented neighbors who produce original content.

Still need more reasons why you should rent at Kuu Ipo? Here are a few:


  • Kuu Ipo is a G-rated sim. Your shop will be accessible to teen resident shoppers and to people who filter their SL for G-rated content only!
  • The current list of tenants features brand names that are recognized, respected, and active.
  • Kuu Ipo is NOT a mall. You'll get your own parcel and can input your own music stream URL, land description, control your ban/access list, and more!
  • Get blogging access to ThisIsJuicy.com and post about your new releases! Your posts will be syndicated on iheartsl.com and seen by thousands of SL residents.
  • Sub-leasing is allowed! Take advantage of the great rental rate on a large parcel and split it with your friend(s). (Some minor restrictions apply, see the covenant for details.)
  • The landlady at Kuu Ipo is super easy to work with. :smileywink: Just ask any of the tenants! I carry a variety of landscaping items and prefabs that I'd be happy to share with you.

Stop by the sim and see for yourself! :smileyhappy: Parcels are already set for sale for the cost of rent, so you can set yourself up immediately. If you have any questions, IM me and I'll be happy to answer them for you! My avatar name is Melanie774 Kidd; here's my profile link: https://my.secondlife.com/melanie774.kidd


What's available:

parcel 01.jpg

Parcel 01
Second Life Maps | Kuu Ipo
1872 sqm
428 prims
950L per week
Gorgeous location between Shoji’s Gallery and Dunes, with water on both sides and an allotment of prims that is perfect for a small shop owner.


parcel 02.jpg

Parcel 02
Second Life Maps | Kuu Ipo
6656 sqm
1523 prims
2900L per week
Large parcel with lots of prims, perfect for a main store. This swath of land borders the unblocked West edge of the sim. Located next to Mela’s, and adjoins the sim’s center/lunch shop.


parcel 03.jpg

Parcel 03
Second Life Maps | Kuu Ipo
8192 sqm (1/8th sim)
1875 prims
12,500L per month
Perfect for a main store! Located at the NorthWest corner of the sim. Enjoy unblocked ocean views at all three points of this corner; endless possibilities for rezzing off-sim landscaping decor.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4860 days.

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