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About us: SmartBots is Second Life's biggest bot hosting and group service management company established since 2010. SmartBots is a service provider, which allows you to manage your Second Life group and/or control your Second Life bots.

All SmartBots services use the abilities of SL bots: group inviters, group chat translators, automatic notice delivery system - and even more, indeed, we only dare to compare! SmartBots is highly recommended even on Linden Lab's Service Comparison. All bots are hosted on our servers, so you do not have to keep your PC turned on. 

As of today, we have more than thousands of online bots hosted and more than ten thousand of active group services, yet we expand only further more by help of our enthusiastic and creative team(s). 

Why SmartBots? 

Along with our professionally designed products, we are highly known with extraordinary teams of Customer Services, IT Developers, Web Designers, Human Resources and much, much more! 

We offer: 

  • Fair payment, one of the highest in Second Life
  • An opportunity to advance and get promoted
  • The delightful experience and gainable knowledge to be useful everywhere!
  • Professional, friendly and positive environment to work at.

We are always hiring! 

You can view the list of our currently vacant positions at our Careers web page - along with the application form to fill, please specify the position you are applying for. 

For additional questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at hr@mysmartbots.com

Please be advised: Tracking your application progress is only possible by reaching out our HR Department email address, our Customer Service representatives, including Senior Management, are unable to offer any insight or share additional information regarding your application status. 

Quincy Jones, 
HR Department, 

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New vacancy has been added:



We are looking for a person experienced in video recording and editing to compose help, demo- and promo videos.

Details and requirements

  • An experienced use of a video recording/editing software (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc)
  • Second Life video/machinima experience

To know more details, please visit our Careers web-page at: http://www.mysmartbots.com/docs/Careers


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2623 days.

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