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My camera view is to high, is there a way to fix this so i dont see outside of low ceilings.

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You have my sympathy. I've just updated Firestorm and the updater ate my prefs file so I'm back to default - I had forgotten how horrendous that camera position bug is. And after 13 years LL still hasn't done anything to fix what may well be the most singificant bug in the system!

Anyway, fiddling with the preferences settigns isn't going to do much good. You don't have access to the settings thatr eally matter there. As Freya said, you have to go to the debug settings.

Penny Patton and Nalates Urriah wrote excellent descriptions how to do it in their blogs:




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It's more likely that you're above-average height than the camera perspective is poor. Most builders build with foreknowledge of a typical camera height. If you exceed this, you might be taller than is reasonable - some SL avatars can reach 8ft high.

That said, the Debug Settings that control the camera are as follows:-

CameraOffsetRearView - Camera Position
FocusOffsetRearView - Camera Rotation (sort of)
An example of a lower perspective is:
CameraOffsetRearView:  -3.000      0.0     -0.300
FocusOffsetRearView:  -1.000      0.0      0.400
You can get to Debug Settings in the Advanced or Developer menu. Handy thing about them is that they're accessible in the same place in every viewer.


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