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poem about second life love

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second life love can be very cruel

strangers make your heart a fool

people dont see that they can get burned

in real life, love must be earned

but so many in second life just want to take

is it a lover or a lying fake

where is the love they say they want to make

when they log off their laughing at your sad mistake

and hiding behind fake profiles such shame

breaking tender hearts is their sick game

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[Abridged version]

She said she loved me
I guess I never knew
But do we ever, ever really know?
She said she'd meet me on the other side
But I knew right then, I'd never find her

She made a difference
I guess she had a way
Of making every night seem bright as day
Now I walk in shadows, never see the light
She must have lied 'cause she never said goodbye

I don't believe in love
I never have, I never will
I don't believe in love
I'll just pretend she never was real
I don't believe in love I need to forget her face, I see it still
I don't believe in love
It's never worth the pain that you feel



I don't mean to make light of your troubles.  That was just a little gift from my first husband.  I won't bore you with my life story, tho. I'll just say that it heals with time.

Love is a very precious thing.  The only way to get it is to have it given to you.  On the other hand, you can give it and give it and give it and never run out of love to give.  It hurt that they did not appreciate the gift they were given but do not let that stop you form giving your love to someone who needs it.  Don't forget that whoever hurt you has lost something they can never replace.  You have lost nothing as long as you do not lose your ability to give your love to another.




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Never fall in love in Second Life. Yes, sometimes it works out, but more often it ends in heartbreak. It is too easy to imagine the other avatar to be someone he or she is not. I've had my heart broken a few times and I know it hurts. 

Someone once said "The price of love is the pain of love."  

We are what we are. Know me for my soul, not for my transient external shell.

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