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Beginner Kemono avatar help?


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Mesh, whether it is clothing, a body, or a head, is simply a type of attachment.

Like any attachment, sometimes (often!) you need to also wear an "alpha mask" clothing layer, to hide bits of your classic avatar that would otherwise poke through the attachment.  Alpha masks come with your mesh product, and have the inventory symbol of a shirt with a grid texture on them.

You can wear more than one alpha mask, for example one for your mesh body and another for your mesh head.  Simply right click the alpha mask item in your inventory and use the ADD command, NOT the "Wear" command.  You can do this with any clothing layer item or attachment.  Using Add, you can wear up to 60 clothing layer items, in any combination.  You can wear up to 33 attachments, putting them all on a single attachment point if you desire.

As you know, you can texture your classic avatar body.  You do this every time you wear a clothing layer item.  However, clothing textures only work on the classic body, not on attachments.  Because mesh items are attachments, creators make "appliers" to texture them.  An applier is simply a small HUD that is used to apply a skin or a clothing texture to a mesh item.  For example, to get my Maitreya Lara mesh body to match my LaQroki skin tone, I buy an applier from LaQroki.  Then I wear the applier and click it to apply the skin tone to my mesh body.  This can also be useful for certain styles of clothing, for example to apply a dress texture to a set of mesh breasts.

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