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Frequent Freezing Up Just After Teleporting

Verena Vuckovic
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Hmm....a new issue for me recently, just wondering if anyone else using Firestorm has it...

I teleport to a new site, and often within a short time of doing so the screen just freezes up for maybe 5 or 10 seconds. I'm running on fast ( 80mbps ) connection and nothing has changed on my computer from before this issue started.



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I use Memory History Tool (MHT) and Open Hardware Monitor (OHM) (both free) to see what is happening when I start to get freezes and crashes.

With Firestorm and only 6GB of RAM I find I start getting freezes when Firestorm consumes memory and I have <1GB available. At <500MB the viewer, computer in General, becomes unusuable and I have to restart the viewer.

Having Chrome running along with the viewer is a really bad idea, as it too eats a lot of memory. If I know I'm going to be in SL for an extended time I often restart the computer to give myself the most available memory. This week I'll max out the memory, 8GB. I expect that to give me a bit more time before freezes set in.

How long I can use the viewer is dependent on where I go. At The Crossroads Event it is minutes. Is it the build or the avatars there? I haven't been able to decide.

The garbage collector in OHM helps a little.

Whether this is Firestorm or my computer (some driver) I can't tell. When I bring my new Win10 machine online I'll have a better idea.

When teleporting I usually see a drop in memory used. After TP the viewer is sluggish regardless of where it is in memory consumption. How long it remains sluggish seems to depend on the complexity and population of the new region. Texture download and decompression seem to take longer in FS. If FS has left <1GB of RAM available and I teleport I sometimes see the freezes start. So, I can see how one would think it is teleport related... and in your case it may be.

But, I suggest you get the tools I mentioned and see what is happening with memory and temperature. I hadn't cleaned my computer in some time. I was getting freezes in all viewers. BUT, I knew my computer was running cool from previous tests... wrong. The CPU heat sink was in dire need of cleaning. I was hitting the 'Throttle' temperature (about 82C) for my Quad Core2. 

Now freezes are directly related to memory leaks and most pronounced in FS 4.7.7. Recent updates to NIVIDIA drivers didn't make a difference. But, I have yet to find the leak on my machine. Is it FS or my GTX560 or ...?... I have yet to determine.

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I had the same problem a couple of months back.  A few other people reported problems with firestorm at the time, most seemed to have similar hardware to mine. People with more experience and tech knowledge than me suggested various causes, all related to users end, from ISP to EU solder failing on graphics cards. All very logical and sensible suggestions except they didn't explain why it wasn't happening with other viewers on the same machines. As nothing had changed on my machine I suspect it was caused by the LL deploy at the time, but I have no evidence to support this. A couple of weeks ago it fixed itself following another deploy.

 I suggest you either put up with it until it fixes itself or use another viewer, altering graphics settings and re-installing firestorm doesn't make any difference.

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My goodness! It is not supposed to behave like that. 

You did not say what operating system you run on but I presume Windows(10)?


If you have the inclination, please try the Kokua builds and see it they behave any better. You can get the most recent builds for SecondLife or OpenSim from Sourceforge.  

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