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Seeking a Male companion.

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I've posted before looking for a "unicorn" but, it's been impossible to find.  So, now I'm just looking for someone for ME.

I'm a single, straight female who's into music, dancing and all sorts of fun.  I need a single, straight male (SL & hopefully RL) that's looking for a companion for activities and more if the relationship develops.   I like being around people who are positive and caring.  As I'm caring, affectionate, funny and loyal.  And above all else, HONEST.

Please make sure when you reach out to me in game that you introduce yourself and tell me why you're messaging me.    I also ask that you have a profile that tells me about yourself a bit or be prepared to answer the questions my curiousity may bring up.  I speak English.  I'd like you to be able to do so clearly as well.

I am submissive at times, but tend to take the lead when the gentleman won't.

If you'd like to know more, or are interested, please message me here or find me in SL.  


Thanks so much.  

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I'm not sure you're exactly what I'm after after all.  I looked at your past postings and see you're interested in men.  I'm explicitly looking for a straight male.  

I do hope you find what you're looking for but, it's not with me.


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Rabane00 wrote:

I'm explicitly looking for a straight male.

If you're female - as you say you are (and I'm not disbelieving you) - then your relationship with a male Shade would be a straight relationship.

I don't know how reasonable it is to say someone else must be absolutely, unwaveringly straight (and even if it was reasonable, how would you test this?). There's no reason someone who isn't absolutely straight themselves can't take part in a straight relationship.

I mean if y'all don't click then you don't click. But it seems unhelpful (to me) to discard someone in this way simply because they have - in the past - persued non-straight relationships in addition to straight ones.

Just my two cents!

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