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The Intoxicated Patron System (TIPSY) is in Beta Server load testing mode and ready to play!

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Please come help me test out the first real alcohol simulator in SL.

This is a drinking game so contains some (mild) adult subject matter.

The game counts your drinks consumed totals against a ton of fun action events. Some raise your score, some lower it.

Drink stronger drinks to get drunk faster, don't drink to fast or you'll get sick and sober up some.

Custom animations, over 50 sound FX, play the full version in a little over an hour.

Play with a hyper speed demo at Club TIPSY in the Region Midnight Forest.

A lot of real dollars, weeks of work, custom everything, all new streamlined scripts, every good looking mesh mannequin I could find is scripted into this thing. Play the demo for free and help me test the server, bring friends!

I've had 16 on it at once and would like to hit 20 at least once before the full release.

Wear the HUD to Play then just start drinking. The more you drink the drunker you get and the more it affects your avatar.

The first person to 100 wins. Good luck!

Please give me Feedback! This is my first game so any comments are Welcome.

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Stopped by to check this out a day or two ago, very fun and interesting concept! The only kind of constructive critisizm I could give would be perhaps adding more drinks to choose from? Though I do understand how complicated it must be balancing a game like this, but I suppose if you were to go to a bar you would have quite the selection to choose from :matte-motes-asleep-2:

As it stands right now, I am VERY interested in purchasing a copy of this game to keep in one or more of my bars, so I suppose we will see how it fairs with the patrons. Either way I encourage people (especially Bar/Cafe/Club owners) to go have a quick look, this could potentially be a fun little addition to any party or dancefloor to keep folks active and participating! Great job Artoruis :matte-motes-big-grin:

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I got the same note (more drink selection) from 1 of the DJ's testing it out at parties.

Right now I have different drinks in each version, The Biker Bar version is mostly bottled beers and Whiskey, The Period version has Meade and Wine and Drinking horns etc..

I can easily double the drink selection in it. That shouldn't affect game play as long as I keep close to the same values.

That and a bigger winners announcement.

We got to 19 people on the server and it works great so I'll make a couple little tweaks and get it out by this weekend.

As long as I get this darn update server to work!

Then as I build more drinks and props I can dish them out for free.

Thanks again!

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Phew! It's finally done!

The TIPSY is up and running in full swing.

Stress tested for 36 avatars on one server and had no issues at all.

No "out of world" data servers used. Each game works as a stand alone unit and still works with any TIPSY Club Game HUD. You get 10 Free HUDS with the starter kit so you can play instantly.

Automatic updates are set. The Group is ready and the vendors are out.

Let's get TIPSY!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2901 days.

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