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Hit me with your quality furniture store recommendations please...

Red Hancroft
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Just returned to SL after a looong time away to discover so much has changed!

I'm looking to rent and would really like yany recommendations for quality mesh furniture please.

I found What Next, The Loft and Ionic (which was disappointly gacha stuff only) Anyone know of anything similar?


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Red, here's something else that may be new to you.  Fashion and shopping events are a big think now.  Ubar, Colabor88, FaMESHed and others.  Most of these event also carry a good selection of new mesh houses, furniture and decorations.

If you want to keep up with what is happening (and I belive you do) the best place to go is http://seraphimsl.com/


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oh yes, La Galleria is wonderful, seconded or thirded or fourthed here!!  

There are also a lot of home furnishing gacha items on marketplace, but make sure you are in world when you buy these as they are almost always no copy and you want to be sure of their safe delivery.  Be careful when rezzing them too.  

I think decorating a home is sl is one of the most fun things to do, so let's hope our suggestions have helped xxx

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