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How much your earning in fish hunt?? :)

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I wonder where that income went, the lost income, that people lost in the "hack", that hack that lost a huge number of people a huge amount of income, in L$.  Where did those L$ go.  because

Tinies use 7Seas to run contests, which is a completely different system. It's not a make-money-fast game, as it doesn't give out money at all. It gives out fish (possibly including special custom fis

Avoiding traffic games falls under the general strategy of remaining a trusted brand.

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11 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

Wouldn't actually be that hard. They give Gems out at linden realms but those are redeemable for Ls.  Hence, people cheat.  GEMS for product with a specific avatar age is perfect.  No use creating alts as the GEMS have no intrinsic value.  Quality stores don't need the traffic so that too is irrelevant.

I'd take GEMS to trade for collectables like the kind Backbone has with it's products, it wouldn't have to be worth anything else as long as the collectables are really good.

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