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So i want to buy lindens from the "Best Rate Buy (Limit Buy) section of purchasing lindens.

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First, take a look at the Market Data page.  This is a page of statistics, much like what you'd see in the stock market section of your Real Life newspaper.

The Lindex is a currency exchange.  Just like a Real Life stock exchange, it's a big anonymous market where buyers and sellers can get together and do business.  The statistics help you see what that market, as a whole, is doing.

The easiest way to buy and sell in the market is to simply accept the current exchange rate, whatever that might be.  That's what you see in the first section of the "Buy $L" page.  You enter an amount of $USD you want to spend, and it will tell you how many $L you'll get for that...or enter how many $L you want, and it will tell you the cost in $USD.

You can often get a slightly better deal than the current market price, if you do a "limit buy".  Here, you are OFFERING to buy a specified amount of $L, at a specified exchange rate.  The exchange rate is not a price you pay, it's telling you how many linden dollars one US dollar will buy.  You'll want to put in a rate that is both a good deal for you and a fair deal for the seller...if you are too greedy, no one will accept your offer and the order won't ever be filled.  If you offer a rate better than whatever the current rate is, your order will be filled at once, but you will be paying more than you need to for your $L.

Look at the bottom of the "Buy $L" page...you'll see something like this:

I've highlighted the current "best buy" rate, which happens to be $L268 per U.S. dollar.  You can put this into the exchange rate box in your limit buy order, and you can see that you will get a little bit better deal than the exchange rate at the present moment in time by comparing the two boxes:

You could offer a different rate, say $L270 per dollar and you would get an even better price...BUT!  The less attractive your offer is to sellers, the longer the order will take to be filled.  In fact, if your offer is even a few $L away from the top entry in the Market Data page, it might take days, or even weeks, to be filled.  I recommend using the $L268 number, or at most $L269.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 382 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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