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Chriss Daysleeper

Need quick advice! Faces flickering on mesh after upload from Blender.

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Hi, thanks for reading! I need someone to help me identify a problem I'm currently having with my meshes. When I rotate my camera around the mesh, there's a rapid "flickering" of the faces on the model. I've checked to see if there are doubles, or hidden faces but the topology appears to be completely fine. See images below. 

The first image shows the flickering of the mesh. It can only be picked up with certain lighting. The glitch is only visible on High to Ultra settings.

The second image shows the .dae file which appears to have no errors. The problem also occurs with simpler meshes as well, such as a wall with a door (Three quads split into tri's).











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Can't say I have a definitive answer but that flickering typically happens when there are faces intersecting  where they shouldn't OR when there are extra faces very close together.  You didn't say what program you are using. I use Blender so that's what I will talk about :D.


Selecting all the edges you can SEE on one of the squares with the circle cut out and then looking in Wireframe would give you a hint. Easiest to see in FACE mode I think.  You could also SAVE your file then delete the faces that you can see -- uncovering any extras. Hand mapping, unwrapping and then baking will also show up extra (inside) faces as they will of course not bake (no light).


If you circle cut out is supposed to be FLAT rather then elevated like a pyramid (hard to tell in the photos) then I suggest simplifying to an ngon shape. This is the default I believe in the newer versions of Blender; (I am in 2.75).  Again, not sure what program you are using.  This would get rid of those edges that are attracting light variences.


IF it is supposed to be elevated with four sections, then maybe simplifying into a less complex shape  would help.


Here is a screenshot of something I worked on the other day that might help explain things.

Hopefully someone will have that difinite answer soon :D.





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