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Marketing Advisor wanted for small SL club/bar

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I have an established bar in SL but am really struggling with bringing-in people.  We advertise as the friendliest bar in SL – the place where everyone is welcome.  We have live DJ’s and dancing plus tons of freebies and are always helpful to newbies.

I currently post event nights when there is a DJ there to 3 different Facebook Second Life groups as well as my group inworld. But have had zero traffic.

So I need some help from someone who is experienced with SL marketing. Please contact me if you are interested in this job. IM me inworld.


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i dont want a job. I can tho tell you what I know about people

first you have to decide if you a venue/club or a bar/cafe

in the first (venue/club) the draw is a performance (DJ, live or theatre, or event) people come for the event/performance and then socialise sometimes

in the second (bar/cafe) they come to socialise, to chat, to converse. Or to listen to the chat without necessarily being involved in it themselves, yet they like the comfort that people talking brings to them

with conversation then need hosties who can chat about anything anytime everytime, to keep conversation flowing when it slows. Basically the hostie needs to be disciplined about not chatting in IM, to keep everything they say in open chat

another thing you can do is instead of hiring DJs is hire speakers, readers and story tellers, who will give a talk, and take questions. Which is conversation and why people will come. To be part of and/or just listen to the conversation


the simplist thing of all, is to make your bar cafe, a actual bar cafe. Stand behind a actual bar and serve drinks, coffee, tea and bar food even. Can get these props made to work with Experiences. Is quite cool

like you behind your bar, person comes in. Hi! what can I get you ? They go: long black please. And you give it to them. Basically is a bar cafe. Is not a self-serve

then you offer them the newspaper or magazine to read with their coffee. If they take it and start read it (wear/anim) then they just chilling out. So just come by them every 10/15 minutes about, depending on how busy the place is and ask them if they want a refill

if they dont take a mag or paper, then do what every bartender ever does. Start making small talk in the chat. Hows your day been sir ? Lovely hair ma'am. Like the shoes dude. Great ink mate. If I ever had a gf I would like her to wear heels like that. etc etc

the secret to bar cafe conversation is that it doesnt have to be witty. Just plain ordinary conversation. Constant witticisms tends to turn people off, who just come in for a quiet drink and a relaxed conversation

when people find these places, SL and RL, then they come back. They stop coming back when you (the hostie/bartender who is a conversationalist) stops conversing. Conversation being the glue that binds the regulars to a bar cafe, RL and SL

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Hi, I also don't need a job as I am not everyday online but I sure can help you with marketing and I can be a business advisor. I can also promote your business for you. Just IM me inworld if you still need one. :) 

Mhayakally Resident

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2261 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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