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Alysia Adored

1 Full Sim For Sale

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After another person backing out I have one sim for sale. $400.00 15000 prims, and currently grandfathered so the tier is 195.00/month Sim name is "The After II" Buyer agrees to move the sim and pay the transfer fee of $100.00 to put it back to a regular sim with the monthly tier of 295.00 or $600.00 to keep it grandfathered at $195.00/month. Please understand this will be added to the price I am asking. So your price will either be $500.00 or $1000.00 Which still saves you money. 

Please do not ask me for a cheaper price as tier is due in 2 days and that comes out of my bank account as LL doesn't transfer the sims that fast. 

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