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Searching for a Lost Destination

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Okay, so I freely admit, I'm a sporadic user at best.  My last login prior to this week was about 2 months ago, and prior to that over a year.  It's bad, I know, but.  *shrugs*


Here's the thing, I thought I logged out one place, but came back in another.  No, I wasn't hacked I think I just forgot where I'd been.  I've been looking for the place I thought I logged off, but it's not in my destination history.  I'm hoping someone here on the forums might know where I mean, since I can't remember the name.  


First things first, this is a newcomer destination of some variety.  (I was trying to reaquaint myself.) 

When you first land at this destination you are in a small round grassy area surrounded by tutorial and tip signs, and on the right a rocking chair.  One of the signs on the left mentions there are classes and building tutorials, and a selection of freebies across the foot bridge.

Said foot bridge is more of a flat path of stepping stones over a tree lined creek.  Just past the creek on the left is a few more signs listing class times and so on, then a short 2 story modern building where their selection of freebies is.  Guys stuff is downstairs, girls upstairs, and there is a portal to private dressing rooms that you climb through like Alice in Wonderland.    I THINK I remember the back windows looking out over a large body of water.

Just outside the building is a small square area where you can rez your boxes, something I've not seen in any other newcomer area, and why I've been trying so hard to find this place.  

If you were to go right instead of left into the building there is a large stage with an area for an audience, as well as some animations for people to try.  I can't remember what's beyond that, but I don't think it's much, maybe another small building, I don't recall.  


Now, I DO know where this is not.  It's not The Haven, The Shelter, Firestorm Gateway, The Helping Haven Gateway, New Resident Island, Social Island, or New Citizens Incorporated.  Other than that, it could be about anywhere.  

Does this place sound familiar to anyone?  I'd really like to find it again, but seeing as it's not on my list of previous places I've been, you guys are kinda my only hope.

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The place you described was our old Helping Haven sim, we moved several months ago and became Helping Haven Gateway. We still have a rez area outside our new and enlarged free shops, free classes, help, tutorials , events and much more to offer too, do come and visit us anytime or feel free to im me for more information.


website: http://helpinghaven.weebly.com

Lily Swindlehurst.

ps. the rocking chair you saw at the old landing point was indeed there:)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2267 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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