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Alexie Vlodovic

Media 55BC - Roman Farming Estate (G&S Supported Sim)

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The Setting:
Nestled in the rolling hills of the Italian peninsular, resting along the banks of the Tiber, sits a little village called Media (pronounced May-dia) built around the Scipio Farming Estate. The Estate has been around nearly as long as the Scipio family and serves as the main centre of the production of the famous Scipio Vina that at one point graced the lips of every Roman citizen in the region from Ostia through to Capua.

Through the years the estate has declined, and its once bustling village has become but a shadow of its past. However, the eldest of the Scipio family and heir to the vast Scipio wealth has returned from his service as Legatus in the tenth Legion. With his return, he has made it his duty to restore Media to its former glory and re-establish the Estate as producer of fine wines.

In the surrounding countryside, hidden among the forests and the hills sits a derelict Ludus belonging to the Decimus family. Another recently returned member from the legions, Marcus Decimus hopes to build the family Ludus, gifted to him by his late uncle. For his endeavour he will require gladiators and trainers, the best he hopes, that all of the Roman Republic has to offer. He hopes to take his gladiators to entertain the Roman public all across the Roman Republic.

Available Roles:
There are a multitude of roles available in Media, as there is plenty of work on the Estate to be completed daily. The most vital role to the running of the Estate is Farmhands. Farmhands will be given a home for themselves and their family and lands for plant fields in exchange for their work on the estate. Alternatively, farmhands can negotiate a portion of the Estate's production in exchange for their services.

- Farmhands -
The Scipio family has called out to the best farmers far and wide, offering both a home for them and their family and private land for their own cultivating and production in exchange for their services in helping to maintain the Estate.
Farmhands that wish to work the land may also choose to negotiate with the Scipio family, rather than tending to their own crops and fields, on top of working the estate's land they can perhaps negotiate for a share of the production in exchange for their services.

The responsibilities of the farmhand is not to just work the land itself and tend to the tasks of the estate but also to supervise and direct the slaves of the estate towards productive tasks.

- Slaves -
Slaves are important to the running of the estate. Slaves are responsible for a multitude of tasks involving, cooking, tending to the fields, tending to the livestock, working the mines, and all forms of manufacturing throughout the estate just to name a few.
Life of a slave on the Scipio Estate in Media is a busy one to say the least, but hard working slaves are well treated and reap the rewards of their loyalty and hard work.

- Tavern Master -
There is an opening for the Tavern Master at the local Inn in Media. What was originally a simple Roman home has since been turned into a small Inn in order to house the travellers going between Rome and Ostia.
Tasks and duties of the Tavern Master will be to accommodate visiting guests and see to their every need. The Tavern Master will also be responsible for providing a relaxed venue for the local inhabitants to come and relax after a long hard day's work out on the fields.

Available facilities (G&S):

Media utilises the G&S system in order to enhance role play for its role players. Not only must the local inhabitants attend to the land, fields and livestock of the estate but local production facilities are also available.
- Blacksmith
- Kitchen
- Mines
- Grape Press
- Loom & Spinning Wheel
- Barrel Maker
- Local Market Stalls
- Grain Trader
- Gold Trader

*Note, these facilities are only available to Role Players.

The Role Play:

The role play in Media is centered around living in the country, farming and producing of goods. Other role play also involves the transport of goods for trade not just at the local Market but across the rest of the Second Life Grid in the Ancient cities. Media is a part of the Ancient Cities Alliance which offers ample opportunity to travel to the cities in order to not also conduct trade of goods but also engage in cross sim role play.

If this is something that you would be interested in then please do no hesitate to visit Media or contact Alexie Vlodovic directly for further details.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fiori%20Del%20Giardino/129/128/3001

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