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Looking for RP family members in post-apoc zombie survival SIM

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Hi there! I'm currently playing in the post apocalyptic zombie survival SIM called Outbreak. It's tons of fun, super interactive and always has people playing.


That being said, I was wanting to branch out to my RP story to include my three brothers and our father. ICly, the outbreak started nearly two years ago. 577 days. For the first few months, Miguela (thats me!) and her three brothers and their father fortified their farm home and were able to live there for those few months. However, her two most mischievous and careless brothers, Malachai and Enrique, left a gate open and infected were able to get in. Enrique was bit and died for sure. He killed the biter that got him but our dad was caught in the crossfire. Last Miguela saw, a whole horde was pouring into the yard and Mal and her third brother, Nazario, were right in the middle of it. One of them could have survived and I'd like that to be you!


Malachai has a more Jewish appearance, taking after our father, and Nazario is more Spanish, like our mother. 


Im me with questions if you're interested! Para-RP preferred.

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