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Shoes and genitals do have an around 2cm too low position


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Hi folks,

I am retty new in SL and just started a new avatar.

Most things went pretty well with a help of a friend.

I am using latest firestorm realease and having a female avatar with Belleza Nina Skin.

Anyhow I have two issue:

1) Usually clothing wears fine but I have an issue with schoes. I puchased two pairs of schoes and both are completly wrong positioned. They show around 2 cm below my feet. Same with the xcite X4 **bleep**. It is showing somewhere 2-3 cm below the standard area where it should be.

For the xcite I manage to move it up (anyhow I would expect that the automatic sync of xcite items would place it correctly).

But for the shoes I have no idea how to fix it and place it in the correct position.


2) I purchase an MDHU (Medhue) Animations HUD. The HUD worked fine on the 1st day but now it is not showing anymore even if I wear it. The animations anhyow are actived if I wear it but I can't control them anymore as I don't see the HUD. Already emptied cache and restarted several times but no success.

Am very thankful for any ideas what might be wrong.

Thx and regards,



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Can't really help with the genitals and the HUD, but definitly with the shoes.

I'm glad you included a picture of your shoes (even if a different lightning setting would have been great). Your shoes are not in the wrong position. You are simply not wearing everything thats needed to make the shoes work. Form the look of it I assume you brought shoes that are intented to be worn with a certain brand of mesh feet. Shoes like that are worn with an alpha layer that completely hides your normal feet.

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I think it's possible you perhaps selected the AO and moved it out of the visible part of the screen during the editing other parts of your body...

if that's the issue you can try this:

rightclick the ao hud in your inventory, pick "edit"

now use your scroll wheel and scroll out.

If right you now see the hud outside the lines of the visible sceen.

now move it back in

scroll back

close the edit window




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Those shoes are definitely made for mesh feet, I think I got them myself somewhere.

For the default body without any mesh attachments, you should be on the lookout for items tagged as "system" or "classic" avatars. At least not items which shows the Maitreya / SLink / TMP / Belleza icons on the ads. 


As for Xcite: those parts aren't rigged at all, true ... a rigged mesh item has connections to the "skeleton" of your avatar and more or less puts itself in place when worn.
The fit of any Xcite prim parts can differ greatly, at ease, if you have a different hip length or hip width or more bodyfat and so on. Hence the need for manual adjusting.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2268 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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