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Note: We do not do clothing, rigging is hell. :)

List of categories I can provide for:

-Optimisation for high poly meshes
-Accessories (Wings, rings and whatnot)
-Buildings (including parts)
-Custom Club/Garden/Sandbox/Base etc Assets
-Adult orientated content

Please contact me in-world regarding 2D logos and textures, these are on a seperate commission rate.



All listed works are original and are entirely of my creation (unless otherwise specified, E.G. 3D'ing a clients logo) - I DO NOT steal content and you would do best to avoid these 'content creators'.

You will recieve any and all files related to your request with full permission to do with it as you please. NOTE: I am not reliable for the loss of data regarding your commission files, it is YOUR responsibility to back-up your files - I will however send a new copy to the last E-Mail address I recieved a message from with in-world confirmation.



You can view my portfolio by contacting me at jinxedsystems@gmail.com

You can view my Marketplace Store here.

You can get a folder of my previous works upon initial contact.




All quotes are FREE. If possible, please send at least 3 references of your requested item with some basic information.


Rate are based on job size, an approximation on your project will be given in hours spent on each section - each hour is set at 6.5KL$, you will be expected to pay half of the total payment for work to start, the other half being paid upon completion of the project for security of both parties. This price will not change unless there are specific additions you wish to come with your commission later on through the work process - this will be discussed as it is brought up and will be paid upon the final half of the payment.


I do not recieve the rest of the payment until you are (within reason) satisfied with your product.



When leaving a message with me in-world, please provide the following:

- A brief description of your commission.

- Some sort of concept or reference images.


Exclusivity included with jobs over 65KL$, meaning it will not be resold by me or anyone that isn't you.




Please send a notecard in-world (Jinxui Resident) or an E-Mail with details of your request and I'll get back to you.


Replies on this thread will not be answered.



Thank you,


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2706 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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