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Seeking Roomate(s)


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Greetings, my name is Nalytha. 

I am currently seeking a roommate. If you have a friend or loved one you would like to bring along, that is fine as well. I live on a private estate with an enforced covenant and a beautiful residential feel. It's a lovely place to call home. However, I bought a house that is a little too big for one person. In addition, I would love to make some friends. 

About me: 
- 29 year old married female 
- Only looking for FRIENDSHIP 
- I do not RP
- In Second Life, I enjoy decorating, exploring, socializing, and KittyCats
- In First Life, I enjoy dancing, video games, reading, minimalism
- I love video games, especially MMOs. At the moment, a lot of my attention is in World of Warcraft, so if you also play WoW, we can also connect in game. I mainly only log in to raid, but I do have friends there so I spend some time doing other things as well. 
- My timezone is CST.

Who I am looking for: 
- Female, any age
- Seeking only friendship 
- Has read the About Me and thinks I sound reasonably interesting 

Your home: 
- You have a choice of rooms. One is a private room downstairs, another is two rooms adjoined together upstairs. 
- Located in a residential sim with a sunset view in the back
- I am still working on decorating the home. It might feel a bit sparce at first

House Rules: 
- Decorate within reason, keeping within theme: a nice/peaceful residential home. 
- Only PG rated furniture 
- No sex in the house 
- No breedables (unfortunately it's against the covenant and it will likely be auto returned if you rez one). 
- You must read and follow the estate covenant http://www.lionheartsl.com/covenant
- Your decorating will be contained to your own room unless we reach an agreement otherwise 
- You can not edit or move anything except what is in your allowed space
- Your items will be returned to you and the room will be reposted as available if you are 5 days late on rent 

- 360/week for 200 prims. We can increase the prim allowance, but we can not decrease it. 
- It's possible to find cheaper, but the quality of this estate is amazing. The enforced covenant ensures any annoyances get dealt with immediately. You can count on your neighborhood staying in theme. The price per prim is exactly the price I pay per prim. 

This beautiful house came from La Galleria

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2939 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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