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Hello Im an Hight class sl weorking Girl in the Sex Indistry I Pay by the hr 300L$ up or 300L$-2000L

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Please im me in world and help me be sucessfull and make myself known only in sl.

My limits: othere than, rl pic swaping, voice and cam there are no limits

MY RATES: from Min:300L$ - Max: 70kL$

 Role plays - 15000L$ plus free meeting with me in my own flat to discuse the rp the script and everything that needs to be done.

 BJ 30 mins - 300L$
 the girl friend experience - 700L$
 shemale - 600L$
Domme play - 800L$
Bdsm - 1100L$
fetishes - 1100L$
dressing up - 500L$
Gang Bangs - 300L$ per person
Group sex - 300L$ per person
Single sex - 700L$
Tesing - 300L$ yes I have sex toys
Going on a date - price of date costs
Coupling - 600L$
Lesbian sex -300L$
Straight sex - 300L$
3som - 20 somes in any rotation - 300L$ per person one off payment all together - 6000L$
Message - 300L% to 600L$
theraputic stuff - 700L$
bundles - 60000L$ 60 thousand.

 Thanks  Belle

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