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Atze86 Loon

.: White Velvet - Private Club & Spa :.

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Expose yourself to an immersive and sensual SL Experience at the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa.
This new, exclusive, vintage / decadent themed Apartment offers you a clean, serious retreat
to relax and meet like-minded People to have a erotic chat, sexual encounters, BDSM roleplay
or just to have a chat and hang out.

The WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa offers a dignified Club Experience, in a bright and cozy environment
with hidden playgrounds in almost every corner. Enjoy some intimate moments, educate your
opposite or have a warm bath, sensual massage or Yoga session in our exclusive SPA.

We put a lot of effort in making this Club as immersive as possible with a clean, bright design,
warm colors and no visual distraction, so you can dive in to the WhiteVelvet Experience as much as
possible, have some nice conversations or simply enjoy yourself using one of our many sexual attractions.

As a plain white enviroment would be to sterile, we dimmed the lights and mixed tones of Creme and soft burlywood,
to make the enviroment feel bright, yet cozy and comfortable.

To make the experience for you and our members as mesmerizing as possible,
we ask everyone to accept the residential dress-code rules while arriving. Feel free to undress afterwards!

:For Male Members of the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa
- Wearing a Suits or Vests is much appreciated.
- T-Shirts have to be worn under a jacket.
- Collared shirts, & Sweaters are acknowledged.
- Dress shoes / Laced up boots or pleasant sneakers are welcome.
- Nudity in the SPA is very much appreciated.

:For Female Members of the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa
- Dresses, skirts, bodysuits, dress pants, lingerie, heels or bare-feet.
- Nudity in the SPA is very much appreciated.

:We dont accept
> Jeans or Denim wear
> T-Shirts alone
> Polo Shirts alone
> Worn or dirty shoes of any kind
> Biker wear & gear
> Worn or dirty leather pants
> Cargo or combat pants
> Baseball or ski caps
> Hoodies
> Bling
> Casual wear
> Baggy shorts / pants showing underwear at the waist
> Open shirts

[Play by the Rules]

The WhiteVelvet Club & Spa is a private club for members of the "WHITE VELVET - PRIVATE CLUB & SPA" Group.
By joining the Group you CONFIRM that you have READ and ACCEPT the RULES of the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa.

[Contact & Feedback]

We value your feedback! If you have ideas or encounter issues please don't hesitate to contact us.
We want to remain an open minded Community to offer existing and new members one of the best and most sensual,
undisturbed experience in SL.

Remember that respect and tolerance to other people is key to have an enjoyable stay at the ::WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa::

Thank you very much for your interest and have a pleasant stay at the
::White Velvet - Private Club & Spa::


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On September, 30th @ 1PM SLT we will celebrate our official opening. We invite everyone to join us to a very sensual
experience. Champagne and some cozy Furniture will wait for you in the Club area. For the time of the event, we will
also open the doors for non group-members so you can bring your Friends and Partners with you and get them excited
for the evening and the White Velvet Experience.

The event will be headlined by Emma Foehammer who will read a 2-part "Sex Club" story in her very sensual, own way.
Emma Foehammer has been an Erotic Narrator and a DJ since 2009. Her seductive voice can paint a vivid picture in your
imagination that will leave you captivated for a moment. She reads a variety of Erotica that can inspire most men and
women to crave for more. Come enjoy her sultry form of entertainment as she immerses herself and her audience into
the story!

Feel free to discover some of the immersive and sensual furniture afterwards with other like minded members of the
club or event visitors.

::White Velvet - Private Club & Spa::

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