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Keruth Darkwatch

Hidden Hills Family Roleplay Now Open! **Hiring PD-FD-&-Medical Professionals**

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Tired of those here today gone tommorow communities? What about paying high prices for minimal support and enjoyment? Well Hidden Hills Family Roleplay is the perfect place for you and your family! Here at Hidden Hills, we believe what makes us unique is our mission. We have avid-role-playing opportunities for our RP lovers, and for those who love adventuring we have 6 sims to accommodate you and we are still growing! 


We also have many amenities that will ensure you are always having fun! 

- Emergency Services Including:

Fire Department (Hiring Fire Fighters Currently) 

Police Department (Hiring Officers & Deputy Police Chief) 

EMT Services & Our Urgent Care Center (Hiring) 


-Entertainment Including:

Our Movie Theater with 1000's of great titles! 

Bowling & Gaming Center (Cheesy, CAH, Etc.) 

A park for your little ones with ample excitement

Basketball Court 

Camping Site For Our Adventures 

1 WHOLE sim dedicated to our sailing advocates who love an adventure 

Restaurants and so much more


Hidden Hills is a New Family Roleplay Community, with a mission to see YOUR family thrive here! We need YOUR help to make Hidden Hills the Perfect Place for all families in Second Life! 

Come see why Hidden Hills is the perfect place for your family




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I recently joined this communityand just love it.  Everyone from the owner and management to the citizens have been friendly and helpful. The rental prices are very affordable and they offer everything from a small apartment to mansions, and they encourage and work with those who wish to be a business owner.  I may still be "new" to this community but have to say that so far it has been my best experience with a RP community and would recommend it to anyone.

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This is really excellent, I am looking forward to giving the town a more in depth look through. After seeing a few things here and there, I am excited to explore more. 

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