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Mesh Builder and HUD Creator

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I'm opening a SIM in a few months and we need a few custom things done. It is a SciFi/Fantasy SIM based on the TV show The 100, with a few changes. We're very excited and just need these last few things squared away!


Mesh Build Job

We are looking for someone to build one of our villages for us. It is a tree dweller village, similar to the villages on Kashyyyk from the Star Wars triology. We would need three different sized huts already connected to trees and then one larger hut for something like a meeting room. This whole village would be above ground and connected by rope bridges. I was thinking to reach the village from the ground, maybe the tree that the meeting hut is built in, could be hollow on the inside with either a staircase or a rope ladder. 


HUD Creation Job

The idea has two parts, or sort of three. First, a sort of..... Sims system. Where you need to sleep, eat, talk, pee, shower, etc. I really enjoyed that while I was playing at MM for the short time I was and I feel that is something that my SIM would greatly benefit from. Second, I am unsure if anyone will know this comparison but, I also played in RoE. They have a sort of..... collecting/crafting/trading/economic system that I would greatly like to replicate in some way. If you are not familiar with it, I can try and go into greater detail upon request. Thirdly, in addition to these functions of the HUD, I would like to have a titler and chatter and dice scripted into it as well. Just so that there is not need for anyone to use their own anythings of that sort.


Please contact me IW with a price quote and time frame! Thanks in advance and Blessed Be!



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