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Enjolie McCullough

Looking for Mr. Right

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Hello :) I am 33 years old. From the USA. Female. I am an artist, & a painter. I enjoy hanging out, building, exploring, and many other things here in SL.

I don't do much of the avatar sex thing......I need to feel a special closeness with you before that happens. So don't expect that like the first time I meet you.........I want to find an emotional connection first and foremost

I want to build real feelings for you, if you are out there.

I enjoy Rock music the most. Some of my favorite bands are Deftones, As I lay Dying, In this Moment, Incubus, 311, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Static X,  just to name a few. The list goes on and on :)

I am a brunette in RL but I usually am blonde in SL;   I am employed in SL so I am not looking for a sugar daddy, but someone to spend time with, cuddle, & talk to :)

I am not opposed to the relationship carrying on outside of SL if it feels right.

I prefer a man in his late 20's-late 30's if possible :) Thank you in advance

Please message me in world or send a notecard bc sometimes my IMS get capped. :) I would love to get to know you more <3

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Heya Enjolie,

I think we already meet at a club where I've been ejected (banned) from.

U wanna meet ur mr Right, with a lot of respect? I think I could answer to ur needs. Not too much shy but still lookin for my other half too on SL.

I wish that u and I could meet as soon as possible back. Wanna know a biti more about u, got some similar points (music specially)

So, will end by sayin that if we can't b together on SL, it's still a pleasre meetin new ppl on.

Lookin forward readin you, lotta hugs :)

Het :)

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Heya Enjolie, how r u?

I think we've already meet in a club (where I've been banned from). But, sometimes it happens.

U're lookin for someone who could me YOUR Mr Right? Weird, still a heart to take on SL. Not to much shy but I'll try to know u much better before goin further (if we match properly with each other)

It seems that we got some common points (music specially). So, why not tryin to make the journey together? Still interested to meet new ppl, even on SL.

If u think I could make u feel happy and I could be ur Mr RIght, I'll be pleased to be by your side.

Lookin forward to hear some of ur news, take care until next time we could see each other. :)

Friendly, Het :)

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