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One -on-One With a Pro

Introductory, novice, amateur and professional LSL scripting classes a finger's click away. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Want quick LSL skills? Don't have the time to spend learning all the accessories, and just want to get down to business? Tired of wasting precious tips on amateurs, without gaining any real professional insight?

Look no further; Alduous McBurlington (co-creator of CosmosMaster, interactive SL MMO-RTS-RCE-RPG), with years of professional, hands-on experience, is now offering classes of all skill levels for to explore new ways to create quick and efficient code.

From the ground up, you'll be given hours of face-to-face time with one of Second Life's greatest scripters to get your knowledge down straight - so you can get started as fast as humanly possible - and for also enhancing your current grasp on the inner workings of LSL: to get you where you want to go.

To sign up for classes, as there is a whitelist process, you can contact myself (Era Black [dinoltra]) to inquire about class availability. Please remember that classes are scheduled around the most convenient time and date for all participants of a particular class, as a whole, and so providing times throughout the week that you are available (and/or bringing friends along too) will more than likely speed up the process in arranging for him to come down and speak.

TP: The Office

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