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Mapping Sansara Continent

Icarus Fallen

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Jane Fossett wrote:

Two quick questions

Q1. Am I correct the name is now "ICE BAY," not "
Icy Bay
" ?

Q2. Are there names for those two large lakes that separate the BEAR and BRAUNWORTH regions, south of FABLES? :-)



  1. Correct on Ice Bay. 
  2. I've never heard an official name on either. As the Sutherland Abyss just got named last year (that's the L-shaped area south of Sutherland, with all the "dam" names for the regions), I wonder if they have names at all.


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Wow thanks for suggesting the southeastern lakes be named for me. I think better names could be created however.

It seems that the sims are named for (B-list?) actors and actresses.

Bava - director Mario Bava??

Bettger - named for Lyle Bettger?

Calvet - Corinne Calvet??

Dors - named for Diana Dors??

Duryea - Dan Duryea? Or Peter??

Egan - Richard??

Falkenburg - Jinx??

Gorcey - Leo Gorcey??

Hatton - Rondo Hatton? Or Raymond??

Jergans - Adele Jergens??

Koscina - named for Sylva Koscina

Lembeck - named for Harvey Lembeck??

Mayo - Frank or Virginia??

Persis and Khambatta - named for Persis Khambatta - the only actor to have 2 sims

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Nah! Really?!? A SL region has been named after Sylva Koscina??? Surprising... :)

For those who don't know her, Sylva Koscina was a Yugoslavian-born (Zagreb, now Croatia) actress quite popular in Italy. She acted in several films from the '50s to early '90s. Many of them B-movies, but she also acted in movies directed by important Italian directors such as Dino Risi, Pietro Germi, Alberto Lattuada, Luigi Comencini, Ettore Scola and others. She also acted in US movies with Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman.

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I agree with Indigo that "Mowry Bay" might well be considered a small, separate region. From 2006-2011, the Mowry Bay Yacht Club and Embalming Society helped nurture and build Sailing in Second Life. In 2009 I wrote a series of three articles about Mowry's racing (here, here, and here); I barely scratched the surface talking about the history of that spot. :-)

Last summer, with some GREAT Linden help, Mowry Bay's racelines and buoys were upgraded. Mare Secundus region also got a great upgrade, expanding the waterway options for racing, cruising, and just-plain-exploring. :-)

Icarus' map currently groups the "Mowry Bay" sims of Hepurn, Hane, Jascle, Elderbridge, and Henshaw together with the Mare Secundus region. I think by history, tradition, style and usage, maybe those five sims have earned enough 'street cred' with sailors to warrant their own region name. That water will always be "Mowry Bay" to me. :-)

Just my thought :smileyhappy:

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Indigo Mertel wrote:

Interesting... I hope the Lindens will do something about the Northern Passage as well. I made a post on our blog some months ago about this:

It would be a great improvement to sailing on Sansara. If any Linden read this, please do take what suggested in my blog post into consideration.

Yup. This is part of the LDPW's Northern Passage idea, discussed at Michael Linden's old office hours some months back. he rest of the connection from ANWR to the Gulf of Lauren is expected this coming week.

The Southern Passage (linking Abbotts and New Port) was part of that as well. Can't wait 'til that happens, too. Both of those together will allow one to travel by boat (or plane), via protected passage, from the interior of Sansara and the Sea of Fabels, to Bay City and all the way to the Heterocera Atoll. Exciting stuff!

Two additional regions were added to the Bay City area over the last few, too. Oak Bay and Davis Gulf, to the north of Oak Bluffs and Weston (technically, Davis Gulf is a reactivation, not a new region). These are part of the planned vintage boardwalk amusement park project coming to those four regions.

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On ‎29‎/‎03‎/‎2011 at 7:38 AM, Knowl Paine said:

To the West of Sandboxes are two weapon testing sandboxes, those could be included.

The Oldest Regions could have a section, Old World,

Is Linden Memorial Park included in Sansara?



I have a problem with The Bay of Space Pigs mainly because I purchased land adjacent to it. How about calling it something else? It's the only lake I know of that has the SL Logo on it.

What is a space pig? Is it like a spider pig?


I realise Knowl wrote this over six years ago. I wrote a response saying that there is a reason for the name "Bay of Space Pigs". The crash site of the "Hog Space Craft" is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mohrr/195/200/21 This is now causing confusion and I wish I could delete it.

Edited by Bee Nexen
Someone had already replied and it was causing confusion.
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20 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

ehm and you reply like you respond on a recent one... while it's also just 6 yrs old?..

Quoting my original post ... "I realise Knowl wrote this over six years ago." I am not sure what your sentence actually means, but I seem to have caused confusion.

Edited by Bee Nexen
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1633 days.

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