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Aditi - Agni inventory losses - WARNING -[Updated]

Chic Aeon

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Since I have done this a few times now, I feel it is "true" (at least for me) and adding the info in here for folks that already have issues.


It appears that simply installing the Linden viewer and logging in to your account (no need to change any preferences, buttons or even WALK) will clear some of the issues in the FS viewer.



I have been going through my inventory "Spring Cleaning" a bit late. Many old items that had been deleted were there along with plenty of newer things that could disappear.  When EMPTYING THE TRASH however, the older items (presumably from the beta grid as they were that pre merge area of about 4 years ago) wouldn't delete from the FS trash folder.


By logging into the Linden viewer and checking the Trash -- they were gone there. When logging BACK into the FS viewer they were then gone. So that is one way to get rid of "sticky" and non-existent items.


Logging into the viewer BY ITSELF doesn't get rid of older items that are not in trash however. They still appear in inventory until you delete them (or they have for me repeatedly).

So part of a fix. I will of course NOT be going over the beta grid with my account. The linden viewer is too painful for me so my alt with a tiny inventory can do any mesh tests that are needed.


Hopefully the new FS viewer will be out soon, but since this issue has impact on a small percentage I can see it wouldn't be





Original post



There have been a few mentions about the new inventory system on Aditi. I have made some myself.


But wanted to make a special thread as this is getting to be a pretty big issue -- at least for me.


* I have had inventory that was uploaded on Aditi disappear on the next day (not a huge deal but more work if you are making something large).


*Then a few days ago I found that my Agni "photo ops" landmark folder (inside the regular upper level folder) had been REPLACED by one from three or four years ago. I did a blog post on that event.  So in effect I lost all my photo landmarks for the main grid.


* I have a large collection of Agni items that appear in my inventory but that will not rez.


* And just today I found that my store logo was missing. This was kind of a wake up call as I had no way to reproduce it (2010 other programs, other fonts etc.). I had some friends with a small version but that was it. I HAD that logo on the 6th when I sent it to a venue owner. The venue owner no longer had it, so it has completely disappeared from the database (hence also missing from my friends). 

Eventually I got the idea to check on Aditi and the logo WAS there and I could download it to my computer and upload again to the main grid. That doesn't help with the other items lost though.


I am using the newest Firestorm but not sure that matters. I had no issues (other than several major inventory losses in past years) before the Agni - Aditi inventory change.  I LIKE looking better over there and sometimes it is handy to have items from your Agni inventory there  (no arguments) BUT the cost seems a bit high.

So I just had my alt complete the Mesh Tutorial and SHE will be doing my testing from now on in hopes of curtailing the depletion of my inventory. Since I seldom buy anything, the redelivery terminals will not be helping with recovery.


Anyway, for folks that normally work on Aditi (and I have noticed way fewer numbers of late and maybe this is why) -- be warned. Send your alt if you can.


BTW I NEVER have myself on both Agni and Aditi at the same time. That has always been a rule, so that isn't part of the issue -- for me anyway.


That's my report. I know the devs know there are issues. I hope they work them out eventually. I would LIKE to see my missing items return but since most all my store products are rezzed I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope not to lose much more.



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See BUG-11651 - [ADITI] Assets created on Aditi are often missing after the next inventory sync until you clear cache.

Your inventory on both grids is very likely to be fine, you just have a borked cache from swapping between the grids.

LL fixed this in their viewer by adding a seperate inventory cache files for Aditi.  That change will be in the next release of Firestorm.

As a workaround for now, either create 2 shortcuts for Firestorm, one for Agni & one for Aditi & set a different cache location for each using http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_parameters (you will need to purge inventory cache once after doing this).

Or delete inventory cache each time you swap between the grids.

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I installed the Linden viewer tonight and my old landmarks are there. My store logo however is definitely not and since it disappeared from EVERYONE'S inventory it appears to be really gone (happily I did find a replacement, just not in the Agni database).

For now I will use different avatars and perhaps different viewers although I really hate the official viewer :D. We'll see.


 Thanks for the info though. There is help in the future hopefully.


BTW I never clear my cache by the way unless there is something major going on. Today was the first day I cleared it in months (this from the Firestorm folks who have repeatedly told us NOT to clear cache often).

 My alt's account is a complete mess  STILL even on the Linden viewer ONLY logging into Aditi. Even the character test doesn't work, none of the library items are there and NO (I tried well over a dozen that I use all the time on both grids including "invisible avatar") alpha layers show up when worn. The LL viewer no better at all than the FS viewer.  So while she can upload mesh, it will not be a pleasant exercise. I can't even make her invisible.


But we work around :D  And it IS summer so vacations are good.






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So this morning after fiddling with my alt for awhile and nothing still working -- as in texture clothes showing up, getting off that awful pink dotted shirt which it didn't even show she was wearing etc. I decided to make a NEW alpha and see if I could get THAT to work (since no other alphas in her inventory did including library ones).

I went to edit the alpha and she magically appeared looking very naked but otherwise MUCH better. So the skin that she was wearing and couldn't be seen in MY viewer anyway now showed up. I put on all her mesh body gear etc from the main grid and she now looks herself.


Since this has never happened to me before I thought I would add that fix in just in case someone else has that issue.

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Another update -- and I haven't reinstalled FS or anything that relates to any kind of change. Same sim etc.


While I still cannot get some items to rez (usually older - this has happened over the years so nothing new) my beautifully annotated  Photo Ops LANDMARKS folder returned to Agni. The OLD Aditi folder that had replaced it, was gone (I left the names the same just in case it might happen -- it has before).  The NEWLY made this week Agni photo ops landmark folder (named "Landmarks 2016" is still there).


When I logged in on the newly installed Linden viewer a couple of nights ago -- the only thing I did was check to see if my photo ops landmarks were "there". They were so I knew they hadn't completely disappeared like my store logo. I have no idea if viewing in the official veiwer helped anything or if they just came back  "on their own".


The database is indeed a mystery.   I will still be testing away from SL and using my alt when physics tests are needed. :D

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2714 days.

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