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hum4ever Magic

Lands at Affordable price!!!

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Welcome :-)

Chahit Estates
------Begin Your Dream Journey


Chahit Estates offers you land at affordable prices. We offer various plots of lands for both residential and commercial use. We believe in thriving as a community.

We offer beautiful, reasonably priced and carefully maintained regions in Second Life®. Our exclusive private estates are for Second Life residents who prefer a residential or commercial setting without the lag and congestion of the mainland.

We offer full sim, half sim, quarter sim and 1/8th sim at marked prices. We offer Full Regions and Homesteads too. All land can be bought at L$1 and the weekly tier to own a piece of land for yourself with full rights.

We hope to see you soon at the Chahit Estates. Begin your dream journey with us.

Why choose us?
- We are Breedable Friendly! (Yes, we allow Breedable movement on your Land)
- We have 24/7 Customer Service.
- We offer Class 7 Sims. (Hence, in a full region you experience Low Lag, than you have previously handled before
- We offer at affordable prices and sometimes the option of Bonus Prims (if need be) [To know more about Bonus Prims, please look into SL Wiki, http://wiki.secondlife.com]

Website: http://chahit.com
Available Land list is updated at http://chahit.com/index.php/available-2
General Land Price Card: Full Region: 17000/week, Half Sim: 9999/week, Quarter:4999/week
Landmark to Head office: www.chahit.com
Owner: hum4ever Magic

Disclaimer: The prices and prim count with respect to land, may change at the discretion of the owner. However, such will be notified in advance.

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