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How to re-invest?

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So its been a month since I set up my store on the marketplace and in-world (my in world store sucks right now) ;) REY! lol

But I am seeing a consistant stream of Lindens coming in. Its easily covering my rent and Im wondering what options there are for investing?

What methods would people recomend and could you give your experiences and tips?

Here is a quick list of some possible topics I would love to hear about. 

- a second store on a busy sim

- sponsoring blogs

- in world groups (eg. Homestuff (?))

- sponsoring events (eg. MISS SL 2016) <- may not be even possible but just an example. 

- joining a hunts group


If you have amy more ideas, suggestions I would love to hear about it. 



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i checked out SLUNIVERSE and i didnt see any ads. so i dont thinj i would pay for an ad with them because i cant see where they post the ads. the other site has about 5 ads. looks more promising. will consider that one. 

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I like your stuff :)


You can invest in a good manager that will advertise your store so you can focus on creating new products. Or you can save up for future because soon you will need a bigger land with more prims.


You can buy an ad space in magazines. 

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