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Where to go to learn about managing inventory

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I know basic stuff about my inventory, like I see stuff that I buy from the marketplace goes to my received folder. Stuff that I buy inworld or receive from others goes to recent for a little while, but then it moves somewhere else by itself. I have a hard time scrolling through and located the clothing. Also, why do some purchases from stores get split up, and then Im really unsure of where to look. I apparently got freebie clothes with my TMP body but I cant find them.  Sometimes the items with HUDS go to a different place...like the HUD is in one spot and the item is no where near it. The skins and makeup scatter away from the shapes, and the freebies that come with avatars are hard to find for me.

i would love to learn to put all my shoes or dresses in their appropriate folder. I dont know how to move stuff into one folder.

I DO know how to save an outfit once I get it on and want quick access to it, thank god!

But its locating the stuff thats bothering me. :womansad:

Inventory School?? anywhere?


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For example, i created some folders in my inventory:

- Clothes

- My Builds

- Home...

You can create subfolder under Clothes: Mesh/ TMP...

And, for example,  when i buy Textures, i always move them in the textures Folder...

Also, there is the search function in the inventory (at the top of the inventory). So if you choose the good names of your folders: it will be easy to find your items...

Also, sometimes it's a good idea to rename some items when they are modify...

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I think Builders Brewery, a big group in SL, run classes in inventory management. Find them in group search and follow instructions to join. Then search the group notices on the info tab of the group profile for a list of this week's classes.

I can really only recommend them. The classes and many many group members are knowledgeable and very helpful with all kinds of issues.

My inventory is at 50k but pretty well organised, so I can - usually :; - find things very quickly,

Sorting is boring - maybe, but nothing so frustrating as not being able to find that one outfit you just know is there .... somewhere.



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But the first thing that you need to do is to always clean up our inventory. We keep a lot of items for nothing and we don't use them. So when i don't like an item, i delete it. And sometimes i try to clean up my inventory.


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I don't have any screen shots or graphics toshow and it would take more time than I have to make a good class right now.  Have you tried Googeling "Second Life inventory managment" yet?  I bet there are some YouTube tutorials already. 



I found Torley's guide.


If youdon't know Torley, think of him as what you wishevery Linden could be :)
He's a sweetheart. And smart. 

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Managing inventory can be a real problem.  I took a class from Toady and three of the best suggestions were to:

1. Go to a sandbox and open your inventory window. Then, looking at that window, generate a second window. That makes it easier to move things from one place to another.

2. Learn how to search, make new folders, and collapse all folders.

3. Sort everything out at the end of each day (I wish!).

This is only part of it - I would recommend checking Builder's Brewery and Happy Hippo to look for announcements of their next "Managing Inventory" class.

Now I should go organize things....

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2300 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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