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Sting McMahon

It doesn't load my avatar!

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I did everything possible.

Clearing cache, inventory, restarting the viewer, changing the viewer, changing operating system, nothing works.

If I rebake textures, it gives me a basic female nude shape, and it's "better" than being smoke.

plus, it doesn't give me the apparences button.

Often it says: Failed to load body from database. Please Help. :(


This is the message if I try to wear a shape:

Can't change appearance until clothing and shape are loaded.


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Create a folder, name it something easy to find so you can always keep it in your inventory for future use, like Normal Me or whatever.
Put a copy of your usual basic components in there...Skin, shape, eyes, hair (including bald base) & a basic shirt and pair of pants.
Right click on the folder and select REPLACE


Reset your avvie to default, depending which viewer you are using this is done here:

Advanced Menu >>Character>>Character Tests >> Test Male (or Female)

Developers Menu (ctrl alt Q)>>Avatar>>Character Tests>>Test Male (or Female)

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