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Looking for MALE/GAY Gor slave(s) to teach the Master

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New to Gor..and NO I am NOT going to read 18 or 24 books, but I am a very experineced RPer in many venues and pick up on things quick. 

I am looking for slaves ...as guides to my new SL adventure into the world of Gor.

I know a lot of the basics and at least one sim I will never return to due to metagaming etc.

If you are MATURE, an experinced RPer, can emote in 3rd person para form and are willing to help me learn more about Gor I would welcome it. ++++ if an older adult and not a kid.

I am Gay>bi in all worlds but it does not bother me at all if you are a RL female in a male avi. Some of my more exciting adventures in RP have been with women in male avis..I don't judge.

Contact me IW most nights SLT+3...do say you saw this post here ...I do NOT come back to the forums to checks posts Ive made ever..and do say something besides Hello, or SUP as I wont have a clue who you are and you might get a rude response. :)  Do say youre replying to my GOr RP ad.



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