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I did a quick search and found this >> http://world.secondlife.com/place/28a597e8-bb5b-00e7-a79c-94ca4ee45623 (^_^)

There's also a special "Teen only" set of islands that Linden Lab set aside.  I think it's 4 sims named after a monkey or something.  I tried searching for info on it just now.  I remember the initial name having a bit of controversy... I just can't find it now. (>_<)


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Like Immy I thought there was a Teens only group of sims, I don`t know the names of them but I recall someone saying they have the same names that they had on the TG.

Try searching some of the sim names you had on TG using the map and see if any are here now.

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here are a few I found

Heart Park, but no voice

The Backyard Pit, more of a nightime hang out

The Vortex night club, all ages, again more of a night time place

Medieval Fantasy Role-play hub, PG sim

Tokuno Wind Total War Meeting Place

Caledon - eclectic Victorian steampunk community

Arcanum, a land full of adventure, life and infinite possibilities

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