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                    [Its a Pixel Life] 

We are a newly formed business that specilise in photo editing and specialty prints. We ecided to form this business to help those who dont have $1000's of linden to pay a photographer to do their photos. So what we offer is a chance for those people to take thier own photos and send them through to us, in which we then create masterpieces out of them and return them to you at a low cost.

We meet the requriements that you request on filling out the job application form, which details the packages we offer and notes the prices. 

If you are interested in seeing some samples of our work, feel free to pop by our gallery & look at the examples we have on display. These are only some of the work that we have completed. 

Also locate on the left and right walls of the gallery are pieces of artwork that can be purchased to be displayed in your home, business or where ever else you would like to display them.

To get to the gallery from the main building landing point please to go the teleport board and teleport to the shopping mall. On arrival at the mall, please turn around and walk down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs please turn right and walk up the opposite set of stairs then turn left at the top & you will see our business, all sign written and visable. 

Job request forms can be found by clicking on the back wall which is visable. Please complete the form then drop it into the mailbox which is located by the door or send it to me directly (jessxx94)



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